New Terrifying Tik Tok Trend Has Parents Baffled


There’s another Trend on Tik Tok, only this one is completely baffling parents.

“I just don’t understand how my kid, whom I let use the platform completely unsupervised, could do something like this” says parent Jodi Hope. “I mean I get the whole stealing cars thing, that’s just innocent fun, but this new trend is going to have real consequences for the rest of my kid’s life.”

Another parent of 3, Gary Smith states, “I honestly thought better of my kids. When I was their age, I was drinking from the lead-lined garden hose or buying my third house at 16 from all the money I made mowing my next-door neighbor’s lawn. What has gotten into these kids? It’s almost like I have to be there to provide guidance to them or something like they have undeveloped brains.”


So, what has parents in such a frenzy?

“The latest Tik Tok trend to sweep the nation, the so-called “4 Pillars Challenge” is a terrifying example of why the U.S and its allies need to block Tik Tok from brainwashing our youths. Who else is going to look out for these kids?” Says local Police Chief Eric Frank. “We haven’t seen anything like this before”


The new Tik Tok trend or the “4 Pillars trend” Has kids following “4 pillars” to see who can keep it up the longest. The challenge, as one may assume has four parts, or “pillars”.

“Pillar One: Get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Pillar Two: Turn in all homework by the due date.

Pillar Three: Say no to drugs and alcohol.

Pillar Four: Be kind and inclusive, do not bully. This includes not stealing, no cap.”


What can be done to stop these terrifying and damaging Tik Tok trends?


Since children are nothing but a burden and the only way to get enough time to binge-watch Netflix’s newest one season show is to plop them in front of a tablet with no parental controls, what can be done?

This question has been in the minds of many parents as the latest Tik Tok trend wreaks havoc in countless communities. Unlike more important topics like taxes or the gun violence problem, there simply isn’t an easy answer here. “We as adults enjoy Tik Tok too, so there’s no way we want to have it banned. What else am I going to do on work breaks.” Says Barry McAll. “I thought this was America. I am tired of my rights being taken away.”

Until a solution can be found, chaos and the Chinese-state backed Tik Tok will run the streets.


Stay safe out there.


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