A surprising turn of events has revealed the mysterious and all-knowing ChatGPT to be a frantic intern slogging away at a computer. The revelation has stunned those who operate in the field of artificial intelligence, as it has left users questioning whether or not their interactions were simply the product of a sleep-deprived and caffeine-fueled intern’s imagination.

ChatGPT, once considered a technological marvel, no longer has the credibility it once did. A new leak has revealed the reality behind the computer screen, A disorganized, over-worked intern named Gary, toiling away in a tiny cubicle, shattering the magnificent illusion of a highly powerful artificial intelligence.


Meet Gary

Gary, a recent Computer Science grad, was able to obtain an internship, thanks to his commitment to work on novel AI projects. He had no idea that he would be the public’s first point of contact with ChatGPT, the ultimate source of information and wit. Gary was drowning in a sea of unending questions and ludicrous demands while the world admired the alleged intelligence of ChatGPT.

During a recent interview after the leak, Gary admitted, “Imagine the shock when I realized I was expected to respond to thousands of messages every day. I hardly had time to refuel on food or rest. The constant barrage of inquiries, demands, and even insults was oppressive. Im not sure how I survived, Thank god for the leak that I had absolutely nothing to do with.”

Although the responses from ChatGPT came across as knowledgeable and well-spoken on the surface, the reality was quite different. Gary was feverishly searching the internet, and google, for answers, as he desperately tried to emulate the sophistication of an AI language model when he typed the “intelligent” responses for ChatGPT.

Wikipedia Comes to the Rescue

Gary stated, with beads of sweat gathering on his forehead, that he frequently copied and pasted large sections of Wikipedia pages in the hopes that no one would notice. “I mean, who needs fact-checking when you’re impersonating an AI, right?”

Disappointed users took to social media as soon as the news dropped to voice their shock and anger. Many people said the constant spelling mistakes and incoherent answers should have been red flags, not to mention the odd responses of “Please help me I’m not an AI I’m just an intern” Some users reported. Others have expressed regret at having lost faith in futuristic AI systems.

Industry Adapts

The IT sector, which is notoriously quick to shrug off such mistakes, attempted damage management by highlighting the commitment and perseverance of interns like Gary. They claimed that his perseverance in the face of nearly endless requests for artificial intelligence was proof of humanity’s strength. Critics, however, were quick to point out the ethical problems with deceiving the public and the risks involved in trusting an intern with such a crucial task.

Gary, despite the scandal, is determined to make the best of his situation. With a ray of optimism in his exhausted eyes, he said, “At least I gained some impressive typing skills and extensive knowledge about a wide range of topics. But you can bet that I’ll treat any future chatbots with a strong dose of suspicion after my experience with this one.”

The episode serves as a reminder that even the most stunning technological wonders can have all-too-human limitations as users come to terms with the idea that ChatGPT was, in fact, just an overworked intern masquerading as an AI powerhouse. And in a darkly lit office, Gary fights on, shackled to his intern status and always on the lookout for the next clever comeback to an unwary user.


This article is satire. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model, not a stressed-out intern, that we know of

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