Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Shocked as Previously Trusted Popular Cryptocurrency Turns Out to be Scam


The cryptocurrency world took another unexpected hit today, just days after the major exchange FTX went down in flames. Amid fears of a similar debacle unfolding on the likes of and other major exchanges, Crypto investors are becoming more cautious as to what coins they are purchasing. Unfortunately for many, they weren’t diligent enough as a major cryptocurrency has just been outed as a scam, leaving many with huge losses.

The Cryptocurrency market is once again in turmoil after the latest scam, as major coins issue reputable “just trust me, bro” posts on their respective media outlets. Something about intangible magic Internet money just seems to attract a large number of scammers.


The latest ousted scam coin turns out to be none other than NotaScamCoin or $scammin as its commonly known as. On Twitter, the hashtag #NotNotaScamCoin is currently trending, with many displaying outrage.


“NotaScamCoin had such a great roadmap on their WordPress website. They even had pictures of real people in their about page. I even checked to make sure that at least one celebrity took 45 seconds to say something about it! I just can’t figure out what red flags I missed. I think I’m just going to go back to a more legitimate form of investment like Beanie Babies.” states one twitter user by the username of 2Crypto2Coin.


“Okay, yeah the name was a bit off, but I just thought it was a joke, I mean DogeCoin has a funny name too. They promised it was going to the moon on their copy-pasted website and twitter! This is just crazy, no one could have seen this coming! Someone should step in to help protect us from all of these Scam Cryptos. Why is it on me to discern what to do with my money? We need Laws in place to make the decisions for us!” Stated Twitter user “LibertarianFreedom”


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