Star Wars enthusiasts all over the country are in an uproar after President Joe Biden signed an unexpected executive order, Taking cues from the classic film series, Biden’s “Order 66” has gone viral. Get your blasters ready for a  journey into the world of President Biden’s Order 66.

President Biden, at a press conference, emphasized that the goal of Order 66 was to restore balance to the Force in American politics. Critics say the Force is more of a metaphor, but President Biden insists he consulted with Yoda personally before he signed this directive. After all, the country could do worse than to have a Jedi Master who has great wisdom in the force leading it.

The administration of President Joe Biden has implemented Order 66, referred to as the Jedi Purge, in an effort to eliminate corruption and the influence of the Dark Side in American politics. Politicians with questionable ethics or who have given in to the temptations of power are the intended targets of the executive order. Biden’s team has even brought in master Jedi instructors to help root out and eliminate any Sith Lords that may be hiding in the halls of power.

Clone Politicians:

Biden’s Order 66 takes a novel approach to the problem of political clones. The executive order takes inspiration from the films and seeks to curb the rise of robot politicians who blindly adhere to party lines. The order instead promotes free thought and selfless service by public officials. There will be no more mindless obedience to party leaders; may the Force give them wisdom.


The Stormtrooper Uniform:

Stormtrooper uniforms are the new standard issue for all elected officials. Biden claims that this change is a statement of solidarity and equality in which no politician may hide behind the trappings of power such as expensive suits and gowns. In addition, it eliminates diversity problems by making everyone unidentifiable.

Obi-Wan’s Approval:

President Biden made history when he admitted that he had contacted Obi-Wan Kenobi to ask for his approval of Order 66. According to Biden, Obi-Wan was fully behind the presidential order because it served as a reminder of the perils of unrestrained authority and the value of holding one’s own accountable. Obi-Wan’s unexpected death prevented him from attending the signing ceremony, but his Force ghost expressed his condolences on his physical absence.

A new era in American politics is about to begin as President Biden issues Order 66. This executive order’s usefulness is undisputable, but there’s no denying the welcome changes it adds into the political landscape. Now that we’ve said our goodbyes to the old ways of doing politics, let’s welcome the gusts of change and hold out a new hope that the Empire—um, I mean, the administration, can finally bring peace to the galaxy, er, the country. Peace be with you!

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