New Jersey To Mandate “Electric Car Charging Attendant” Within the Year


New Jersey is one of the few places left where it is still legally mandated that a 16-year-old down on his luck, or post-retiree hired by “big oil” has to be the one to put gasoline in your car. This has become a sort of time honored tradition in New Jersey and many of the drivers have to find a fully functioning citizen to show them how to put the nozzle in the car and pull the handle when travelling out of state.


New Jersey has deemed the operation of a gas pump too dangerous for its citizens and instead finds it much safer that the operators of these thousand pound machines capable of well over 100 MPH stay inside their metal death traps and away from the dangerous hose with a handle and leave it to the professionals. New Jersey also states this helps stimulate the economy and provides numerous low paying jobs to anyone desperate enough to make minimum wage.


With these reasons in mind, and seeing the popularity of electric cars, the New Jersey government took a break from whatever it is New Jersey does and decided to take action. They plan to enact a law that will bar the average citizen from being able to charge their electric vehicle, whether it be at home or at a charging station. Not only does this help secure the jobs for the desperate, but it also helps to make sure the average New Jersian doesn’t get stuck at home with a vehicle they simply didn’t know how to fuel. New Jersey has already had well over 90 calls in the last month for wellness checks for citizens who owned an electric vehicle and did not show up for work or other engagements. Each time the Police have to explain the cord plugs into the car and that’s how it gets fueled. The Police chief is in total support of the law, and hopes that it will free up police resources so they have more time to find better hiding spots for speed traps.


The new law is expected to go in effect later this year, until then, the local police will begin mailing flyers showing the complex and complicated procedure of plugging in and charging an EV.

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